DIO Fest Offers Four Days of Workshops, Music and Sharing This Weekend At The Bay

DIO Fest Offers Four Days of Workshops, Music and Sharing This Weekend At The Bay

By Angel Mai
Sept. 13, 2017

This weekend’s Do-It-Ourselves Festival (DIO Fest) will take place at The BAY, Sept. 14-17.

This free music and learning festival provides a weekend full of workshops, discussions, performances, fun, and play for all ages. Participants have the opportunity to see new bands and make friends in addition to embracing the DIY culture. Founder Margot Erlandson created this event in 2013 in hopes to connect people throughout the local community, as well as provide the opportunity to learn new skills.

The DIO Fest has occurred biannually since its start in 2013, but there hasn’t been a set frequency for the festival. It hasn’t been taking place every year because organizing a free festival at such a grand magnitude is a huge amount of work, especially when it is mainly handled by a small group of volunteers who have other life responsibilities.

After starting as a two-day event at the Lincoln Bike Kitchen then moving to The Commons in 2015, DIO Fest has relocated to The BAY. As a service-oriented organization, The BAY offered a great venue that will hold the vast variety of workshops. Activities will be found at the general meeting space, the parking lot, both the indoor and outdoor stages and even the skate park.

Workshops start at 3 p.m. on both Thursday and Friday and at 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The scheduled programs cover all sorts of topics, such as art, music, exercise, farming, health, technology and social skills.

One workshop will be Performance Art With Ryan LaBenz, where participants will explore the use of the sounds, the body, or objects as metaphors to aid in the sharing of cathartic forms of communication.

Lee Lohrberg, a local sound tech and musician, will lead a workshop called Guitar and Bass Tone, which will present various effects and techniques used by a professional guitarists and bassists.

A couple different exercise workshops will take place, including Kickboxing With Luke Norse and Practicing Mindfulness Meditation in Community — a workshop hosted by the Lincoln Sangha meditation group, from the Lincoln Zen Center, that aims to share the practice of meditation with people who have never tried it before.

Listen to DIO Fest organizer Nick Svoboda on KZUM’s Earth to Lincoln

For farming, Bridget Brice has organized a workshop of Vermicomposting, which will teach participants how to make a Worm farm — a cheaper alternative to fertilizer.
Multiple workshops cover sexual health, including DIY Birth Control & Knowing Your Cycle with Tesla Kasten and Birth Work and Community Support During Pregnancy and Postpartum Period with Amber Stevens.

Gretchen Larsen will host a workshop called Creating Visual Spaces with Lasers, Web, Video and “Crystal” Technology… OR, “Let’s Not Drink Too Much Coffee and Get Hyped on Lasers and Move-y Shapes,” where she will share tools, such as Adobe After Effects, 3D web development or laser projector software, which she uses to create visual scenes.

The workshops which cover key social skills include Crisis Management with Daphne Calhoun and How to Say You’re Sorry with Andrea K.

In the evenings on Thursday and Friday, and in the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday, the workshops will dwindle down and transition into mainly musical performances. Performers include the Churls, The Silver Rabbit, Bien Fang, Gamma Goat, Wendy & The Lost Boys, Rogue Moon, Green Trees, Little Ripple, Crease and Faith Eliott.

DIO Fest was a success in 2013 and 2015, so there’s no doubt that this weekend’s festival won’t be another success with an expanded schedule at a new location, The BAY. Paul Clark is an organizer for DIO this year, and he proposed various objectives for the event as a whole.

“I think the overarching goal is to put on a free, rad and unique event that lots of people can enjoy both as observers and participants,” Clark said. “Another one is to encourage people to share their knowledge and passions, whatever that may be… hopefully they leave having seen some cool performances, learned some stuff, and taken in some ideas and experiences they wouldn’t have otherwise.”


More information is available on the Facebook event page and at

Angel Mai is an editorial intern for KZUM.


September 13th, 2017

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