Jim Smith, Chair

Jim and his wife Doris have been members of KZUM since 2004. Before his recent retirement, Jim was employed by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln as a television engineer. He worked in the Ag Communications Building on UNL's East Campus. He was self-employeed in an electronics business for the 21 years preceeding. The Smith's, Lincoln residents since 1963, have four children and 6 grandchildren. They all live in Lincoln. "I enjoy music", says Jim, "but the nature of my interest in KZUM is mostly technical."

Tony Rager, Vice Chair

Tony has been a Trustee of the Berman Music Foundation since 2008 and an advisor of Butch Berman and the Foundation since 1995. He is the Human Resource Director at Cline Williams Law Firm. Tony enjoys reading and listening to music. He is married and has two children, ages 7 and 9. Tony was born and raised in Leadville, Colorado, and moved to Lincoln in 1992.

Lee Manns, Secretary

Lee was born and raised in North Dakota, but she has lived in Lincoln for over 25 years now all the while working at UNL's Extended Education, in various positions. Lee and her husband do not have children, but have a dog named Newley (he's named after the handsome young deputy on Gunsmoke). She loves to travel, cook, listen to music, read, and watch movies. She has served on the board of trustees at her church for 3 years as a member, and as the board president during her 4th year.

Barrie Marchant, Treasurer

Barrie is a research analyst for psychiatric clinical trials. He is an avid KZUM listener and volunteer. He reads and listens to music constantly, and loves the diversity that KZUM offers.

Brenda Ealey

I am a long time listener of KZUM and radio – my favorite media. I love the diversity of music on KZUM and the community focus of the station. A favorite non-music program of mine is Democracy Now, an independent daily news program with news, interviews and information you won’t hear anywhere else. I have a teenage daughter and we both enjoy a variety of music and sports – as participants and observers in our free time, and are active in our church. I am a librarian by trade, and have been in my current position as Administrator of Southeast Library System for 13 years.

Mark Turner

Jeremiah Moore

Jeremiah has worked in the music industry for 8 yrs now, working with local and national artists. He owns and operate the Bourbon Theater, a growing music venue here in Lincoln. I've worked in every aspect of concerts from production and promotion to security and event planning. I enjoy cooking, gardening, and riding bikes with my family.

Martha Florence

Beau Poehlman


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