Programmer Application

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Concept of Show

(What is your program idea? Please be very specific and detailed in this description, as the Program Director will use this information in reaching a decision. Discuss proposed content, including artist names, music genres, or entire playlists.)

Mission of Program

(What community needs will this program meet? How will it follow the FCC's requirement of producing content for "public interest, convenience, and necessity"?)


(List all relevant experience including broadcast, public speech, disc jockey, etc., as well as any training and radio licenses.)


Please check all times that you would consider producing a show at KZUM. Because daytime slots between 6am and 10pm have more listeners, we generally place programmers with more experience in those time slots. You will greatly increase your chance of becoming a KZUM programmer by checking one or more of the overnight shifts. Check as many as you like.

Comments Regarding Your Availability


You will be asked to submit a demonstration of your proposed show. Do you need assistance in producing a demo tape or CD?

Computer Expertise:

Because several studio functions are run from a computer, KZUM now requires that each new programmer have some computer experience. Please briefly describe your knowledge of computers.


I understand that this application is no way a contract with KZUM, nor a guarantee that my show will be featured in KZUM's lineup. The program director reserves the right to deny any submission for any reason. I further submit this application with the full intention of producing a continuous show for KZUM following my aforementioned description of its format.

Your application will remain valid for 90 days. If you wish to be considered after three months, you must submit a new application.

Please review all of the above information, enter all characters in the Captcha box, then click Submit below.


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