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Have you ever thought about hosting your own radio program? Most of the people you hear on KZUM are dedicated volunteers who want to broaden the kinds of music and conversation available on your radio. They are people who have a passion for music, community involvement, and for going local. Many, if not most, have no prior experience in radio. We’re currently accepting applications for new music and talk programs from passionate, energetic and willing volunteers.

Please consider these requirements of KZUM programmers before applying:

  • Responsible for assigned air shift every week
  • Required to be a financial supporter of the station, at the minimum level of $25 annually
  • Must be prepared to raise funds for KZUM
  • Required attendance at 2-3 meetings per year
  • Responsible for ensuring all content meets FCC requirements

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer programmer at KZUM! Opportunities are limited, but your application will remain on file for six months. If you wish to be considered for a program after six months, please submit a new application.

Please refresh your browser if the application form below does not load.

Date of Birth:*
Type Of Program Proposed:*
What is your program idea? Please be very specific and detailed in this description, as the Program Director will use this information in reaching a decision. Discuss proposed content, including artist names, music genres, or entire playlists.*
What community needs will this program meet? How will it follow the FCC's requirement of producing content for "public interest, convenience, and necessity"?*
As a KZUM programmer, you would be on the front line of fundraising for the staion. Given proper training, are you prepared to work to raise money during station fundraising drives? Please list any relevant fundraising experience.*
Why do you want to host this program? Who do you want to serve?*
What do you like most about Lincoln?
Please list any other relevant experience you may have (and don't worry if you don't have any in radio).
Are you comfortable using simple computer applications, including iTunes and Microsoft Excel?*
What is your general availability for this program? Please check all that apply. *
Please feel free to offer any specific comments about your availability.
By selecting "yes" from the drop-dowm menu, I understand that this application is no way a contract with KZUM, nor a guarantee that my show will be featured in KZUM's lineup. The program director reserves the right to deny any submission for any reason. I further submit this application with the full intention of producing a continuous show for KZUM following my aforementioned description of its format. I understand that this application will remain on file for six months, after which time I will submit a new application if I am still interested in becoming a KZUM programmer.*
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