Alex White (White Mystery) at Lincoln Calling 2016 – From the KZUM VIP Lounge

Lincoln Calling 2016 was a great step-up for the already established music festival and for Lincoln. In its first year under operation by Hear Nebraska, the festival took place Oct. 6-9, 2016, across eight downtown Lincoln stages, with over 100 touring and local performers. KZUM was pleased to host performances and interviews in the festival’s VIP Lounge at 1867 Bar.

Here are portions of those sessions, including select video performances and full session audio.

Alex White, of Chicago’s White Mystery, joined KZUM’s Shannon Claire in the KZUM VIP Lounge at 1867 Bar during Lincoln Calling 2016. Check out White Mystery online.

Lincoln Calling 2017 is scheduled for September 28-30. Find out more at

Join us for the announcement line up at Duffy’s Tavern Thursday, May 4 at 8pm. Music from The Morbs, Emily Bass & The Near Miracle and CJ Mills

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