Listener support continues to account for the majority of KZUM’s operating revenue. That’s not about to change. The station depends on the community to continue thriving.

This week, during our Give To Lincoln Fund Drive, running May 8-14, when you support KZUM by becoming an active listener with your financial gift, you’re doing so during the best time of year to donate. Not only will your support sustain KZUM through the crucial summer events season, but your dollar will literally do more, thanks to Give To Lincoln Day.

As a participating organization in the annual giving effort to local nonprofits, KZUM will collect an additional proportional amount based on donations received, through Give To Lincoln Day’s matching funds pool of $450,000. For example, if KZUM receives a total of 1% of the total donated to all nonprofits on Give To Lincoln Day, we expect to receive 1% of the matching funds, or $4500.

That’s more bang for your buck.

Please donate during this crucial time to support the station that brings you more locally originated programming, community events and local music coverage than any other media outlet in Lincoln.

Your dollars go directly toward the station’s operating expenses, including programming, equipment, events and utilities so that we can continue being by, for and of the Lincoln community.


When you donate this week, you’ll receive a thank you gift from KZUM at the following levels:

Check out the gifts below.

Feel free to to choose a gift at a lower level in lieu of the gift that matches your level. Just let us know!

Please note that, beginning in 2019, we are only able to gift one item per donor. This is due the rising cost of thank you gifts and our commitment to making sure that your donation makes the maximum impact on KZUM’s mission.

Thank you for supporting KZUM’s Give To Lincoln Day Fund Drive!

Donate now through KZUM’s Give To Lincoln Day portal, where you can also contribute to other great local nonprofits at the same time!