Story and photos by Hailey Krueger
Sept. 23, 2017

Nebraska-made Evan Bartels & The Stoney Lonesomes released their debut album, The Devil, God, & Me, Saturday night and celebrated their work at a sold-out release party at the all ages venue, The Bay. Guests mingled early in the evening over Zipline Brewery craft beer, and had an opportunity to pick up the new album, along with other select pieces of band merch. Jack Hotel performed a elegant folk set, stripped down as a duo consisting of vocalist and guitarist Gunter Voelker, along with bassist Kim Taruc, who brought the sizeable crowd together to the main stage. Mike Semrad & The River Hawks followed, welcoming even more people to the front stage encouraging dancing and much anticipation for the headlining act, Evan Bartels.

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Mike Semrad gave a warm congratulatory speech before Evan Bartels and his Stoney Lonesomes took the stage, and the entire crowd toasted to Bartel’s recent successes and new album. Within the first song, The Bay was overfilled with merriment as concert goers filled the floor in dance, cheers and laughter. The band performed a beautiful and lively rendition of their album, accompanied by intimate stories and honest moments. “I’m not here to lie to you,” Bartels said throughout the night. And lie he did not.

Near the end of the show, Evan Bartels shared some new songs that will be on the next album, and fans were ecstatic to catch a glimpse of what’s in store for the future. This week Evan Bartels leaves to continue his Great Americana Tour, which includes over 100 cities nationwide to promote the recently released album. With a sold-out show full of family, friends and fans, the album release party proved to humble the band and was a perfect tour send off for Bartels.

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