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Come down and have some brews, listen to some cool tunes, and bullshit with your buddies!! Hell, bullshit with people you don’t know so you get more buddies! Haha, see ya there!

PolyFaze – Rock with a psychedelic twist!! They sound like the Doors, Tool, and Deftones (along with 20 other bands) rolled into some crazy weird single band “joint”. Complete with an actual giant on bass, Danny McBride look-alike vocalist, and a crystal ball with magical sonic powers. You can’t make this stuff up 😛

FLUX AMUCK – Get weird with these stellar musicians, making all kinds of funked up metal, with plenty of other styles thrown in the mix! These dudes are musical talent turned up to 11 and will not disappoint!

Peace, Love & Strychnine – These guys straight up fuckin’ jam! Feels like smoking up and kickin’ it with the Blues Brothers for a night. Laid back ol’ school blues/rock groovin’ with just the right amount of “salt” and seasonings to keep you on your toes!

Hallowed Oath – You like pirates? You like thrash metal? You like electrifying shows that will get you singing along and throwing your fucking hands in the air?! You want all that AND blistering lead guitar?!?!?! Look no further! Just don’t get TOO close or Alex might poke you with his pointy bass 🙂