Guest speaker Kevin Gallagher from NASA for Prairie Astronomy Club meeting

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The Prairie Astronomy Club would like to invite you to join us on Tuesday August 30th 7:30pm at the Hyde Observatory in Holmes Lake park here in Lincoln as we are honored to host a presentation by guest speaker Kevin Gallagher – Solar System Ambassador from NASA. Kevin will share and explain the first images just released form the James Webb Space Telescope.
The James Webb Space Telescope has opened a new chapter of exploration into the origins of our universe, star formations, and life itself. Webb’s ability to peer deep through the dusty materials surrounding nebulas and galaxies allows us for the first time to see how stars and planets are formed. By focusing on infrared light, Webb will look back into time to within 300 million years after the Big Bang when the first generations of stars were beginning to form.

Tuesday August 30th
Hyde Observatory
3701 S 70th St, Lincoln – (in Holmes Lake Park)

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