October First Friday new exhibition: inBEtween

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Curated by Tara Sabharwal, NYC
Artists from Germany, India, USA
October 2 – November 20, 2020

First Friday Reception October 2, 6-8pm
Observing distancing & masks required

The present moment is all we ever know. It is the vital space in between what we have been and where we could be heading. It is always right there, our opportunity for change. inBEtween draws attention to our inherently open sense of self, honoring the process of self-examination and transformation.
– Tara Sabharwal, curator. In collaboration with David Gann.

This exhibition examines questions around inter-sectionality, displacement and otherness, through the work of artists from Germany, US and India, along with local guest artists. Curated by NYC based artist Tara Sabharwal, the show is part of an international travelling project with an emphasis on involving community and generating dialog.

In inhabiting different spaces, one encounters conflicting points of view, which work within the political/social/racial group but become suddenly inflammatory outside it. Often, we are not even aware of this, as we are, after all, an intrinsic part of cultural traditions and languages that have hierarchies, prejudices and privileges built into them. This show aims to foster dialog by experiencing diverse points of view and sharing our own.

The need for listening to each other is urgent. Artists live within communities as natural outsiders, forming their own borderless intersections. Could artists present a fresh approach, through their art, where reason and verbal structures fail?