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Delving deep into the underground edges of electronic bass music, Sacred Frequency has the pleasure of presenting you with QUAKE, an event we’ve equipped with the deepest and darkest vibrations to ever grace our local scene. You won’t want to miss out on this mysteriously badass bass event taking place at Duffy’s Tavern on January 19th. QUAKE will be a debacle dedicated to sound system culture, accompanied by a sound system dialed in to shake your meat suits to the bone and visuals to take you on a journey.

By homies, for homies.


$6 Cover

A word that was originally used in Kingston, Jamaica in the 1980’s ska and dancehall culture. It was used to describe an antisocial youth who was non law-abiding and was feared by others.�In late 2017 Midwest bass music junkies Phantom Flex and Techz realized that there was a need for more bass filled mind-melting music coming out of the Midwest but there wasn’t much being done to facilitate that need. They teamed up to bring the heartland of America something different. Aimed at making new and original bass music they set off to make some big waves in the industry. Having shared stages with big names such as Eprom, Space Jesus, or Subtronics, you know that the level of professionalism is through the roof!




Coming from the depths of a galaxy near you, RÜGER enjoys cooking up saucy dishes with his platters. With savory, flavorful taste and handpicking only the finest selections, this DJ will be sure to leave you feeling like an alien cruising through space in your all gold UFO.

Assembling an arsenal of carefully selected tunes, the sauce boss has a goal of vibrating your seratonin and dopamine receptors in a never before heard style with his own unique approach to the tables.

Silo Sound