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Delving deep into the underground edges of electronic bass music, Sioux Sound Collective has the pleasure of presenting you with QUAKE, an event we’ve equipped with the deepest and darkest vibrations to ever grace our local scene. You won’t want to miss out on this mysteriously badass bass event taking place at Duffy’s Tavern on May 25th. QUAKE will be a debacle dedicated to sound system culture, accompanied by a sound system dialed in to shake your meat suits to the bone and visuals to take you on a journey like you’ve never seen before, all provided by Sioux Sound Collective.

Dalek One is the musical persona of Tanner Pennington. Standing at an imposing 6’8” (203cm), the Colorado native is as talented as he is tall. A charismatic DJ and cutting-edge producer, Dalek One rises from Denver’s rich dubstep scene into the international spotlight by way of his imaginative original productions and unique knack for playing them out. His tunes are right at home on progressive labels like Encrypted Audio and Deep, Dark, and Dangerous. The young artist has already garnered support from some of dubstep’s most prolific names, including Truth, J:Kenzo, Biome, Walsh, AxH, Congi, Samba, Jaswan, Enigma Dubz, and Levitation Jones. A natural experimentalist, Dalek One isn’t afraid to break genre boundaries: his talents extend beyond the boundaries of 140 to styles such as hip-hop and halftime drum and bass. Being sub.mission affiliated, Dalek One is sure to make a solid impression with his twisted dubstep cuts.


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