SciComm 2020

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SciComm 2020, a conference on effective science communication hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is set for March 27-29 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The professional conference is an annual gathering of scientists, educators, professional communicators and artists, all hoping to gain training in effective science communication, forge connections and receive critical feedback. Though registration officially closes March 23, presentation titles, abstracts and hotel reservations are due March 6. To register, visit

The keynote speakers will include Christopher Volpe of ScienceCounts and Andrew Revkin, New York Times science journalist and professor at Columbia University’s Initiative on Communication and Sustainability, speaking Saturday and Sunday morning respectively.

In addition to the keynote addresses, concurrent talks and sessions by nationally known science communication experts will be focused on the following key areas: informal STEM learning; science communication research; K-12 STEM; disciplinary-based education research; science and the media; broader impacts; and communicating controversial science.

Other weekend events include three professional development workshops teaching education, design and film concepts; a Lightning Talk competition and Film Festival; a Community Science Festival; a reception featuring SciComm Bingo and live performances marrying the arts and sciences; and a Science Café hosted by Morrill Hall at The Happy Raven Craft Beer Bar.

For more information or to register, visit