By Casey Welsch
June 28, 2018

Much tension has risen recently over the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their families after they are detained at the US-Mexico border. Bowing to public outrage, the administration has announced an end to the policy, but mass confusion remains over what to do to reunite the children with their parents, and opposition is growing to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s policy of housing detained families on US military bases. These policies and actions have far-reaching impacts even here in Lincoln, not just at the border, and organized opposition to the Trump administration’s policies is growing here. KZUM intern and brand new KZUM News contributor Will Roper sat down for an interviews with Samuel Sowl, the local outreach coordinator for Families Belong Together, as well as event coordinator Lauren Dale. Families Belong Together is the group behind a planned national day of protest scheduled to take place around the country on June 30 to protest current immigration laws with a focus on the separation of children from families after they’ve been apprehended at the border.

Casey Welsch is the host of KZUM News.