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Highway Blues
Wednesdays, 3-6 p.m.
Host: Al Lundy


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I’d like to invite you to join me each Wednesday afternoon for three hours of coast to coast blues. A high octane blues show with an occasional mix of classic rock, folk, and zydeco. Each week I will feature an artist, and introduce you to their latest work. There will be interviews, giveaways, and live in studio performances. So call up your friends, and plan a road trip each Wednesday afternoon from 3:00 to 6:00 with “Highway Blues”.

Featured artist interviews and in-studio appearances run from 3:30-4 p.m. central unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, August 7: Shaw Davis & The Black Ties

Shaw Davis is an incredible up and coming hard rocking blues guitarist that is certainly deserving of the attention he has been receiving lately. He and his band “The Black Ties” have just recently released their newest CD titled “Tales From The West”. I will be featuring the music from his latest work, and speaking to Shaw today about his upcoming show at the Zoo Bar this Sunday, August 11th. If you take the Texas flavor of Chris Duarte. And mix in the sound of west coast powerhouse Phillip Sayce. Throw in an occasional splash of legendary Hendrix.  What you’ve got is the future of the blues with some real staying power. What you’ve got is……… Shaw Davis & The Black Ties.

Wednesday, August 14: Tupelo Springfield

Local band Tupelo Springfield will be joining me live in studio today. The band has been together as the same unit for many years now. And we will be talking about their time together. Their music, and their upcoming gigs. They will be performing some of their favorite work during the feature spot today. So if you have never seen this local band at the Zoo Bar. Or any of their many other regular venues. Don’t miss out on this feature spot today. from 3:30 to 4 pm.

Wednesday, August 21: Chris O’Leary Band

Chris O’ Leary is an award winning harmonica player. Singer songwriter and band leader from the east coast.
For 6 years he was the lead singer and front man for rock and roll hall of famer, and Grammy award winner Levon Helm’s band, The Barnburners.He has recently released his 5th CD “2nd Time Around”. We will be playing music from it, and hopefully doing something live in studio before he goes in for his 6:00 pm show at the Zoo Bar.If you have never seen this band live. I only have 1 question for you…… Why Not?

Wednesday, August 28: Vince Agwada

Vince Agwada is a Chicago Bluesman who I first featured back in “2008: with his debut CD “Eyes Of The City”. Since then, in “2011” he had released “Basic Blue”. And most recently, his impressive new release “Light Of Day”. We will be talking about his career, and going through his full discography. But will of course be focusing on, and featuring the music today from “Light Of Day”. It’s great to be able to finally be able to welcome back to “Highway Blues” after more than a decade. This weeks featured artist………
Vince Agwada

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