The Inclusive Feminisms podcast, hosted by Katherine Morrow, Madeline DeVeney, and Brittany Burton, is an informative podcast about the lived experiences of marginalized people in the greater Lincoln community with a focus on feminism.

We felt mainstream feminism focuses too much on the same person (mostly people who hold privilege) so we wanted to lift up and spotlight the voices of the folks who don’t get as much attention. For each subject we try to get a number of perspectives to get a well rounded view of the subject. For instance, our first and second episode will be on mental wellness so it was important for us to find individuals that have different experiences with their mental health

We also have a feminisms discussion series that takes place at Indigo Bridge Books, 701 P St., every last Wednesday of the month at 7 PM. Subjects will change each month! In the past we’ve had sex positivity, muslim feminism, sex after trauma, intersectionalism and womanism, trans+ feminism, and more!