By Brittany Ward
Sept. 12, 2018

First Friday is not only gallery and studios opening their doors to the community but also coffee shops, bars and boutiques. Stella Collective has been an active participant of First Friday festivities and this month was no different. For the month of September, Stella Collective decided to feature work from husband and wife, Nate and Mandy Deal.

Textile Artist, Mandy, has perfected the art of Custom Banners. Using just a pencil and paper to sketch out her patterns and a needle and thread to sew them, her work is 100 percent unique each time. More of her work can be found on her Instagram.

In 2002, Nate begun his tattoo apprenticeship and learned the time-honored tattoo flash painting technique called spit shading, which is a watercolor method.

“I use painting to enhance my tattoo style. On paper, I can experiment with color combinations and drawing styles before I use my permanent art method, which is tattooing.” said Nate.

Traditional American and Japanese tattoo style are Nate’s expertise and approach to his art. Inspired by great artists both modern and historical but most importantly, by his wife.

“I’m inspired by great tattoo artists and illustrators, both modern and from the past. I’m a big fan of the masters and visit art museums as possible while travelling,” said Nate. “I’m also amazed by my wife. She is one of the most creative people I know and is always making something new.”

For Nate, First Friday and showcasing his work is not an unfamiliar thing. This is his third solo show, he has also been a part of three other group shows with his fellow artists from Iron Brush Tattoo.

If you missed this First Friday event, head over to Iron Brush Tattoo where Nate and his fellow artists’ work cover the walls. His work can also be found on his Instagram. Be on the lookout for a Big Cartel store that is in the works where he can sell his painting and prints.

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Brittany Ward is an editorial intern with KZUM.