By Joslyn Keenan
Feb. 7, 2018

First Friday in downtown Lincoln, February 2018. Stephanie Paul, KZUM.

First Fridays are a must for Lincoln local art enthusiasts.

Lilith Baier, a Lincoln photographer, held a New Year’s Eve-themed gallery hosted by the He and She Studio on last week’s First Friday.

Baier is originally from Omaha, but after living in Lincoln for around 24 years, she considers Lincoln her home. She was involved with photography when she was younger, as a passion, starting at about age 14. She explains she experimented with all different types of media, but decided she wanted to get back into doing more art in her free time.

“I just have a love for photography in general, and I just wanted to push myself to do something different,” Baier said. “I went to school for photography, and I really didn’t do anything with it after. Sometimes I like to do projects and see where it goes. I’ve had shows with completely different settings before. For example: one with nature and gardening scenes.”

Baier is also a manager at Marz Bar, located just off 12th and P.

The current photography exhibition at the He and She was based on promotional efforts for Marz’ Bar’s annual New Year’s Eve solid gold event.

“I wanted to get local downtown family to volunteer some time so I could take pictures of them in this solid gold and put it on social media”, Baier said. “Since it was promotional for Marz bar it was low budget and simple, but the gold made it particularly eye-catching.”

“My whole deal is I really want to feel connected to the people who come into my bar. People who work for me, people who are regulars. I wanted them to have fun. I wanted them to see themselves in a different light,” she said. “There’s some people I had to kind of talk into let me photograph them.” Lilith continued to rave about her customers as if they were friends. “I wanted them to see what I see. I just think, they look amazing. They’re beautiful people. They’re here all the time and I see them often.”

The photographs Baier shot look like professional work that could be in a print ad. The customers, or more so models, are in a simple bar setting with sheer gold splashed onto them. Many of the customers with no modeling experience looked like naturals. The emotion and depth that could be seen in their eyes was inspiring.

“Like I said, a lot of these are customers. Our town is a beautiful town. A beautiful, talented and amazing town. I wanted them to see that. I want to do this because I really do love all these people,” Baier said.

As for future events, she says that having one event a quarter is a realistic goal. She strongly believes in fundraisers, and that they are a great way to get people out and help bring the community together.

Baier was especially excited about the upcoming fundraiser Marz Bar will be hosting the next weekend. This Saturday, the bar will have its First Annual Jammie Jam Benefit. There will be a silent auction, and all money raised at the event will be going to the Fresh Start shelter. Suggested donations are: one dollar at the door for those who wear pajamas, and three dollars for those who don’t. Baier explained that everyone is invited to this dance party and encouraged to let loose in this fun, safe and welcoming space. Find out more about the event on Facebook.

Baier’s talents as an artist and a photographer have helped her capture beauty that most might overlook.

Joslyn Keenan is an editorial intern with KZUM.