By Steffan Decker
July 26, 2018

Steffan Decker’s Strengths Finder results

Men With Dreams is a local nonprofit with a focus on inspiring and encouraging Lincoln’s youth to achieve their dreams. The group accomplishes this through motivational speaking appearances at schools and youth detention centers. Another big piece aspect of helping youth achieve their goals is the use of “Strength Finders.” The Clifton Strengths Finder is a test that allows you to see which aspects of your personality rank the highest. By using these strengths, Men With Dreams can help our youth channel those strengths in a way that will further them on their way to achieving their dreams. You can take the test for yourself online.

There are also interactive events that allow young people to “shine.” One of these events is a music camp that allowed children to work with a professional musician to create their own track. This allowed the participants to see their work through to the end, and experience the accomplishment of hearing their track on the radio. There is also an upcoming fashion show that the youth will be participating in at Gateway Mall. More information on that event is here, and will take place on August 4.

Steffan Decker is a KZUM News contributor.