Photos by Madisyn Hahn & Ty Hawkins
July 31, 2019

Over the weekend, Bob Henrickson of How’s It Growin’?, in partnership with Buy Fresh Buy Local and Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, hosted the Local Farm Tour. This tour covered Grow With The Flow, Robinette Farms and Brockley Farmaceuticals.

Below we have photos and a short letter from Chloe at Robinette Farms:

It was great to see you Bob and have everyone out on the tour! I think one of the neatest things about multiple farm tours like this is seeing the many iterations of farming! Each operation is SO different even if they sound on the outside like they are doing similar things; it’s so good to expose our community to these differences, so thanks for putting this together.

Robinette is my mom’s maiden name! She is one of 3 girls and her father was an only child, so the name Robinette was “ending” in our family lineage. Plus, I kept my maiden name so Alex and I didn’t have a common last name to share for a business name and coming up with a word or a phrase for a farm is actually a really difficult thing to do! So, it worked out great!

See you soon,


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Madisyn Hahn and Ty Hawkins are multimedia interns with KZUM.