By Brittany Ward
Feb. 20, 2019

The weekend fun doesn’t stop on Saturday; this Sunday, Duffy’s Tavern will be featuring a bill full of rock ‘n’roll. From Kenosha, Wisconsin, The Almas will be headlining the night and showcasing their newest album, Back to Bad. Accompanying The Almas are local rockers, Rock Paper Cities and Miss Taken. Doors open at 7, with music starting at 8 and a $5 cover.

The Almas a four-piece consisting of Crystal Teigland, Frank Slifka, Chris Arndt and Tyler Bopp. Shortly after the forming of the band, The Almas were signed to R.I.N.D. Records. In April 2017, the group released its first EP, The Almas, and in March 2018, they released, Back to Bad. With the album being partially recorded with analog equipment and “older techniques,” it gives it that traditional, organic rock ‘n’ roll sound. The album covers topics of social uprising and finding one’s self after addiction, with the single “Back to Bad,” gaining a fair amount of popularity on the internet.

“We are very excited to be on the road, showcasing our music around the U.S. as this is our first time performing in many states, including Nebraska,” said The Almas. “We kicked off our “Back To Bad” tour (or “Disas-Tour” as we’ve been jokingly calling it) on Feb. 1. Other than a few minor inconveniences, like our guitarist (Frank) drilling a hole into his finger, and our drummer (Tyler) injuring his back right before hitting the road, this has been a truly amazing experience.”

Rock Paper Cities, a rock ‘n’ roll band from Omaha and Lincoln, consisting of Blake Jacobs, Tyler Keller, Ronaldo Carcamo and Everett Gutzmer. This group takes a “revolutionary” approach to rock ‘n’ roll by adding funk, blues and punk to the mix.

The final band added to the night, Miss Taken is also from Lincoln. Miss Taken is a “hard-hitting, in-your-face rock band” comprised of Cody Harlan, Will Gades, Riley Kamprath and Jade Richelle.

This Sunday will be packed full of a mix of different approaches to rock ‘n’ roll.Don’t start your week with the Monday blues but rather Sunday rock ‘n’ roll. See you there!

Brittany Ward is an editorial intern with KZUM.