By Madisyn Hahn
May 8, 2019

Lincoln Beer Week officially started last Friday with events happening all across the city. This is the eighth annual Lincoln Beer Week featuring bands, food trucks and of course beer.

The week started Friday at Green Flash Brewing with new welcome beer and additions to its five-course menu. Bingo was held at 1867 Bar and Cosmic Beer Bingo happened at Kinkaider Brewing. The week will end Saturday with a free Zipline House Party at Zipline Brewing’s parking lot. The show starts at 5 p.m. with Evan Bartels followed by Twinsmith, Universe Contest and headlining with Bogusman ending at 10 p.m.

Food Trucks that will be in attendance are Roaming Taco, Freddie Le Würstmacher & Smokehouse and Meta Coffee Lab. The House Party will be showcasing Zipline Brewing Company’s newest beer; Mango, IPA and Maibock for the first time.

Zipline Brewing brand ambassador Diana Gutsche said, “Lincoln Beer Week’s mission is to promote, advance, and celebrate the craft beer movement through education, enjoyment, and community.”

Zipline Brewing Co. has been a local brewery in Lincoln for eight years now and has been a part of Lincoln Beer Week for seven. This will be the first year it’s throwing its House Party at Lincoln Beer Week expecting 300+ people in attendance. With its dedication to continue to grow its craft beer, it allows local craft beer fans to meet the people behind the beer.

Director of Retail Operations at Zipline Brewing Co., Kelly Houchen said, “We did an event the last 4 years at The Bay called Brave New Barrel Fest. Basically, a beer fest that pulled rare beer from all over the nation and benefited Skate for Change. We’ve decided to do something different this year.”

Lincoln Beer Week is good for bringing the community together by attracting not only the Capital City’s people but people all across the state.

“House Party creates an environment where we can share the enjoyment of craft beer with others in relation to local music and food,” said Gutsche.

This will be the fourth year that the Lincoln Beer Week app will be available for participants. It will be the main source for knowing where and when events are taking place. The app will be used by checking-in and earning rewards with a chance to win prizes. Potential prizes are based on the number of check-ins throughout the week.

For Zipline Brewing Co. locations, participants can check-in at either the Zipline location, Brewery Taproom or Beer Hall to earn rewards with the Lincoln Beer Week App.

To find out more information on this event visit Zipline Brewing Co. event page. Click here for more information on Lincoln Beer Week.

Madisyn Hahn is a multimedia intern with KZUM.