Casey Donahew Keeps Country Music Rolling in Lincoln

By Twyla Twang
Photos by Jay Douglass
Jan. 12, 2018

Texas songwriter Casey Donahew returned to Lincoln with his band for a packed Bourbon Theatre on Wednesday.

Lincoln’s own Emmett Bower band played a lively, quick set to open the show.  The group has played the area enough to draw a good crowd on their own, but when Donahew came onstage, the crowd’s response made it clear who most people came to hear.

Donahew and his band hit the stage to an impressive light and smoke show, opening with “Feels This Right” and continuing the raucous, crowd-pleasing set with “Country Song” and “Nowhere Fast.” One of the only ballads performed all night came next with “Fallen.”

For the next 90 minutes, Donahew’s rocked the Bourbon with numbers ranging from early hits like “White Trash Story” and “Stockyards” to his most recent release “He Ain’t a Cowboy.”  Being a stand-up guy, Donahew stopped the show at one point to ensure crowd safety when some of the fans up front got out of hand.  Once the issue was resolved, the band moved right on with “One Star Flag”.

“White Trash Story” got a reprise, moving into “High” and morphing back into “White Trash Story” for the closer.

It was clear from the appreciative and large audience Wednesday that country performers continue to have successful Lincoln stops and that Donahew is at the forefront of today’s scene.

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