By Shannon Claire
April 27, 2018

Lincoln rock band Freakabout  introduces “Predator,” the next single off their upcoming album, Babezooka, today with a video premiere.

One of the bands favorite tracks off the soon-to-be-released album, “Predator” brings a perfect sample of what’s in store for listeners on the full length. The track is packed with underlying heavy fuzz tones, infectious guitar riffs and licks, and powerful surging vocals by the groups lead singer Cortney Kirby, leaving you anxious for the next psychedelic pop rock experience.

“Every song brings something new and fresh to the table and we are pumped to finally release it into the wild.” Kirby said.

The video, directed by local filmmaker Matt Mejstrik, came together from Kirby’s memories dialing back to the days spent at the Lincoln Children’s Museum. The museum had an interactive room where your actions were captured and translated onto a screen through bright colors and kaleidoscope movements.

“I initially had the idea of creating a world that Grace Slick [Jefferson Airplane] would like to be a part of and it took me back to visiting the Lincoln Children’s Museum,” Kirby said. “So I brought the idea to Matt and he ran with it. He brought this giant green screen that he filmed us in front of and made all of our wildest psychedelic dreams come true.”

Freakabout travels back to the psychedelic era not only for the righteous sounds and visual euphoria, but to also highlight the progressive movements that came out of that time period.

“The art and music that came out of that decade is just beautiful.You will find this theme throughout the album, ” Kirby added.

“Babezooka” is set to release Friday, May 11. Catch Freakabout on KZUM this Monday, April 30, for a live in-studio performance on Hear Nebraska FM and again on Thursday, May 10 on X-Rated: Women in Music for a on-air listening party, where they will dive into the album in its entirety.

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