By Brittany Ward
Jan. 10, 2019

Histrionic (Facebook/Vinnoth Ira Krish)

The time has finally arrived for local favorite grunge rock band Histrionic to release its first EP, Diary Party,  at The Bay this Saturday. Music starts at 6 p.m. and the event is all ages with a $5 cover. Helping Histrionic celebrate, Jocko, Death Cow and Verse and the Vices will be performing as well.

Histrionic consists of Aramara Quintos Tapia (vocals and bass), Seth Beem (drums) and Caleb Baugous (guitar). The trio is deeply connected and involved with the Lincoln community, from working with Latino Lives  and Lincoln Calling to brand new music festivals, like Great Plains Festival. Supporting other musicians and paving a way for music creation without discrimination is an important goal for the group.

After spending some time at Coyote Face Recording with Jeremy Wurst, Diary Party has been completed and is ready for you to hear. The EP consists of five tracks that will be your go-to jam when you feel like dancing. (Make sure to give “Laguna” a listen, it’s Quintos Tapia’s favorite.)

Why Diary Party?

“I wanted something that was catchy and easy to remember,” said Quintos Tapia. I know exactly which songs are about who and they are all meaningful to me. I wanted the name to sound juvenile and fun and I just came up with the name on the fly”.

While it is a “catchy, easy-to-remember name”, it’s fitting because the songs were written down in her diary.

“My songs are about things that I go through or people I’ve had crushes on in the past,” said Quintos Tapia. “Sometimes I’ll take a sentence or phrase that someone said to me word for word and base the whole song around that. I write to process and think about how I’m feeling.”

Merch and CDs will be available for purchase on Saturday. Keep up to date on shows and happenings with the band on Facebook and Instagram

The band was live in studio this Thursday on X-Rated Women. If you happened to miss the live listening party, check it out here for some sneak peeks into Saturday’s performance and the band’s first EP.

Diary Party tracklist:

“Just 4 U”

Brittany Ward is a multimedia intern with KZUM.