By Joslyn Keenan
Photos by Brittany Ward
May 16, 2018

Lanny Tunks had a showcase at 1867 Bar as a part of May’s First Friday.

Tunks’ showcase featured portraits made on 100% cotton paper or canvas, all are made with graphite, charcoal and white charcoal. Making these portraits is no small task either. It can vary from 100-150 hours each, more or less, depending on the piece. Visually, the portraits Tunks displayed look like photographs. They are so realistic, one has to take a second look. The charcoal and grit give the pieces something special, and it seems to be drawing much attention from art enthusiasts.

In his youth, Tunks was always around his father, a very artistic man, so it naturally seemed to rub off and he began making his own art at a very young age He explains he makes art because, “It’s therapeutic I suppose, it’s a place I can go to just free my mind and zone out. Not have to think about anything.” His inspiration for people or characters he draws can be just about anything. Anything that looks visually interesting, or has a story, can have the potential to be a future piece.

The largest of the pieces that Tunks put on display were portraits. There were three portraits, each depicting a different person and personality. One of the pieces features Bill Murray, who Tunks mentions is a national treasure. A second portrait displayed was of a man with a cigarette, looking down in emotion. But, his favorite piece, was the woman with the bandana. Tunks personally explained, “It was the first real piece of art that I’ve done, and I achieved the goal of what I wanted through the realism and hyperrealism style.”

The portraits make you feel as if you know the person in the picture, or that he or she is someone you have seen before. Each of the three portraits conveyed an emotion, which could be interpreted in different ways to different people. That is the beauty of art. It is open for interpretation, and is there to be appreciated.

Tunks will be working on new pieces, and says he will hopefully be doing more showcases in the Fall.

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Joslyn Keenan and Brittany Ward are editorial interns with KZUM.