By Steffan Decker
June 21, 2018

Lincoln-native Molly Nance has been an advocate for open-water swimming in and around Lincoln. Nance is a lifelong swimmer. She has been involved in many other kinds of sports as well, including hiking, running and biking. As the years have gone on, she has moved away from the more high-impact activities, and moved back to swimming.

She practices in lap-pools most mornings. But if you keep up with her on social media, you can see her swimming Branched Oak Lake regularly.

Open-water swimming comes with elements that are not present in swimming pools; there’s waves, low visibility and wildlife. Nance says that she appreciates that each time you enter the water, the experience is never the same.

Nance sat down and talked with me about her experience swimming the St. Lucia Channel and her history in swimming. The full interview can be found below.

For a first-hand account, you can see more about the St. Lucia swim on Nance’s blog, here

Steffan Decker is a KZUM News contributor.