Mission Statement

Established in 1978, KZUM is a noncommercial, listener-support community radio station licensed to Sunrise Communications Inc. As a whole, KZUM aims to educate and build community through broadcast media, with diverse and independent voices that enrich the perspectives of our audiences.

The mission of the KZUM newsroom adds the goal of accurately and fairly reporting on local matters impacting Lincoln, Nebraska, and the surrounding area. The following guidelines are meant to protect the impartiality of the news we produce and apply to all staff members or volunteers – including interns, journalists, and editors – of the KZUM news department.

Our Duty to Our Listeners

Listener Engagement Policy

KZUM listeners are the foundation of our community. We respect our listeners and we always aim to prioritize compassion, inclusivity, and collaboration. For this reason, our doors – and the lines of communication – are always open. We encourage listeners to share any concerns or suggestions with us. This can be done using the KZUM website or by contacting the news department directly.

The public can request any documentation that accompanies the content we produce. The only exception to this rule applies to data regarding unidentified or minor sources. Members of the public can contact the news department with any documentation requests.


3534 South 48th Street, Suite 6

Lincoln, Nebraska 68506


(402) 474-5086 ext. 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access the most recent episode of KZUM News?

Recently aired episodes of KZUM News are available for two weeks through the Program Archives. At this time the long-term archives unique to KZUM News are under construction. Episode requests can be forwarded to the news department.

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