By Madisyn Hahn
June 12, 2019

On June 15 the Downtown Lincoln Association is holding the first ever Downtown Family Day. This free event is held at Tower Square, where families will be able to enjoy the day with fun activities.

Event Director for the Downtown Lincoln Association, Maggie Smith said, “Twenty businesses from all over downtown will have booths set up, and there will be lots of fun free stuff being handed out, free food, and fun kid-friendly activities.”

Businesses that are participating include; Gomez Art Supply, A Novel Idea, Francie & Finch, The Coffee House, Lincoln Children’s Museum, Morrill Hall, and Bennett Martin Library just to name a few. Some of the activities that these businesses will set up for families to participate in are corn hole, coloring pages, giant Jenga, fun songs with the staff of Screamer and lots more.

“How we make this a family-friendly event is by providing lots of great activities to keep kids busy, while still making things interesting enough that the adults want to stay,” Smith said.

Since this is the first year of Downtown Family Day, it’s expected to reach 100+ attendees. People can expect not only different activities but food and prizes as well.

“I would not plan on eating a full meal, but there will be some samples from a few of the businesses downtown. The great part is, you are right smack dab in the heart of Lincoln, and there are tons of restaurants surrounding Tower Square that you can take your family to before, during, or after,” Smith said. “All the businesses will be having some kind of fun thing to hand out, whether that be swag or food or information about them, but at the Downtown Lincoln table, we will have tons of fun stuff. Color changing cups, stickers, baby onesies, t-shirts, and we even got a big range of toddler size t-shirts just for this event.”

Looking forward to making this an annual event, it will bring the community of Lincoln closer together through family and entertainment. On a small scale, it will also be an experience for families to learn more about the city they live in.

“I am just really excited to give families a chance to have a one-stop shop where they can experience how awesome downtown is. The culture and community downtown are just growing and getting better every year, and there are so many great activities, restaurants, and retailers downtown that you may not know is your new favorite spots.”

For more information and updates about Downtown Family Day 2019 check out their Facebook page here.

Madisyn Hahn is a multimedia intern with KZUM.