KZUM’s goal to raise $300,000 locally in 2019 is so close to being met. Meeting our $40,000 goal during our fall fund drive, Sept. 10-16, will put us over the top and help sustain the growth that KZUM has been experiencing the last several years.

We need your help to close the gap by Sept. 30 — the end of our fiscal year — to meet this goal and retain essential Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding for another year.

KZUM has relied upon CPB funding for close to 20 years. The annual Community Service Grant of $72,000 is essential to our operations and keeping community radio on the air and in the community in Lincoln. A few years ago, local funding requirements were raised from $100,000 to $300,000. CPB needs to know that the stations it generously supports are viable in their communities. Because listener support is KZUM’s number one source of revenue, you make all the difference.

Please do your part to help close this gap by Sept. 30 and ensure that CPB funding is retained for another year. You will not help KZUM start the new fiscal year on a great note, but you will ensure that this important funding impacts our work in Lincoln and beyond into the future.

And when you donate, we will thank you with one of our premium gifts:

  • $60: Mug and Coffee from The Mill
  • $89.30 NEW KZUM T-shirt by Shirts 101
  • $120: Mug and Coffee from The Mill AND new KZUM T-shirt (or tote bag)

Check out the gifts below and donate online today! Or call during your favorite program at 402-474-5086, ext. 1.

Thank you for keeping KZUM on the air and growing in Lincoln!