KZUM welcomes new music of all kinds to the station!

In general, we air blues, Americana/folk/bluegrass, country, jazz, rock and world music, but with a little of everything sprinkled in. And we LOVE music from Nebraska! Music from outside of these genres will be welcomed for submission, but may be less likely to receive airplay.

Music submissions must meet the following guidelines, or they will not be reviewed for inclusion in the KZUM library:

  • Music should be on CD (MP3 or WAVE files are accepted, but physical CDs are preferred).
  • Lyrics must be acceptable for radio airplay. Music with obscene, indecent or profane lyrics will not be aired. Submissions with unacceptable lyrics should be marked as such, with specific songs labeled as “NOT FOR AIRPLAY.”
  • Physical CD singles may be aired, but they will not be retained in our library
  • Album notes or one-sheets are always very appreciated!
  • All music received by the station is put through a review process by KZUM programmers. They evaluate for inclusion in the KZUM library. Submitting music to KZUM is not a guarantee that it will be retained in the KZUM library.
  • CDs must be mailed in cases. Loose CDs will be discarded immediately.
  • Improperly packaged music that arrives damaged or music that arrives in those nasty, asbestos-like mailers will also be discarded immediately

KZUM Mailing Address

  • KZUM
  • 3534 S 48th St.
  • Suite 6
  • Lincoln, NE 68506

Email Address

Files may be sent to

Deb Andersen and Twyla Twang, Music Directors (volunteer)

Music submissions, tracking and all other questions about music airplay,
Email (no phone number).

Music Tracking

Because of the large volume of music KZUM receives each day, and the number of programmers and music reviewers, we cannot guarantee accurate tracking of your music. We do not currently track spin numbers, only library adds. Inquires may be directed to Deb and Twyla Twang at