By Sam Crisler
Aug. 2, 2019

Voface Magazine/

Since launching earlier this decade, Lincoln band The Fey (fka AZP) have concocted a sound uniquely their own — it isn’t rock, it’s not hip-hop, it’s not soul. But you know it when you hear it. Today, KZUM and Hear Nebraska FM are premiering The Fey’s latest single, “Lost In My Head” (released on Kansas City-based label The Record Machine), which further blurs the lines of genre classifications and reminds us why The Fey are regionally unmatched. 

In large part, “Lost In My Head” is textbook The Fey — frontman Zach Watkins commands most of the track with tenor croons, it integrates the soul-infused blues rock of the band’s past releases and features a rapped verse from the band’s resident MC Ishma Valenti serving as a breakdown bridge. But while tracks from the band’s 2018 EP Strawberry Lemonade like “Contender” were akin to fuzz-blues bands like Alabama Shakes and The Heavy, “Lost In My Head” borrows much more from Anderson .Paak’s funk-tinged neo-soul. 

Beyond sonic comparisons, this is as personal as Watkins has ever gotten on a track. He’s stuck in a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts — is he guilty of narcissism? Or is he just overthinking it? Though the track tackles multiple touchy subjects, it’s dedicated to Watkins’ late cousin, Avery, who committed suicide in December 2018, and Watkins searches for closure as “Lost In My Head” comes to an emotional end. Whatever the reality is, Watkins brings the listener into his head to experience his conscience’s confusion with him. 

Watch the Watkins-produced music video below, and catch Watkins Aug. 5 on Hear Nebraska FM. 

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