The Unknown Good
KZUM Studios Original Podcast
Producer/Host: Dr. Stuart Stofferahn and Leo Seravalli.

Lincoln has within its city limits a BOUNTIFUL collection of do-gooders – nonprofits, community members, liaisons . . . people witnessing a problem and taking action to find a solution. Some are well known, but many others are not.

The Unknown Good introduces these individuals and organizations who are working to build communities, increase awareness, and motivate more and more people to get involved and take action to help others.

The Unknown Good is hosted by Dr. Stuart Stofferhan, Executive Director of Nebraska Transition College, which works to empower individuals with autism or other disabilities to learn, work, and live within our communities. The podcast is co-hosted and produced by Leo Seravalli.

The show is a partnership of Nebraska Transition College and KZUM in Lincoln, Neb.

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