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Producers/Hosts: Cody Solesbee and Raul Palacios

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About Us: Will the REAL Psychobabble please stand up?

The Psychobabble Podcast is a bi-weekly storytelling venture of two under-qualified Ph.D. students exploring the world of Psychology. Join us as we dive head first down every rabbit hole we can find. Have you ever wondered how a researcher and a dog fundamentally changed the practice of psychology? Or, have you ever wondered why we give so much respect to ancient philosophers, even though they were wrong about nearly everything? Maybe, you’ve even wondered what life as a graduate student is like. The Psychobabble Podcast will address these topics, and everything inbetween, so pour yourself a cold one and join us on this adventure. You’re certainly going to need it!



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Shyness vs. Social Anxiety

How did a bromance between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung shape what we know about introverts and extroverts? What does it mean to be shy, and how is this different from social anxiety? We’re back with a fresh new babble, sharing insights, personal stories, and lessons learned from our work with kids and adults. No matter where you fall on the personality spectrum, this episode will help you understand yourself and others more!

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The Real Psychobabble Podcast